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Title: TheDezLab's TRiBot Manager (lite) - OVERVIEW
Post by: TheDezLab Owner on April 08, 2019, 02:28:21 PM
----------------------------------------------------------TheDezLab's Tribot CLI Launcher (Lite)-------------------------------------------------------

   -> Launches TRiBot automatically to reduce your interaction with your machine
   -> Specify any number of accounts (this is the # of clients that will be launched)
   -> Specify the game world (or random)
   -> Specify the breaking profile you wish to use
   -> Specify the script arguments to be used with the script you are using
   -> Specify the proxy you wish to load the clients/accounts on via dropdown menu selection

   -> TRiBot Forums: JoeDezzy1
   -> Email: [email protected]

     -> For Windows: You must have Java 8 JDK installed and on the systems class path
   -> For Linux: You must have Oracle's Java 8 JDK installed on the system

Note: If TRiBot Updates or for whatever reason clients don't load, Do the following:
   1) (Windows) "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\settings"
        (Linux) "/home/YourUsername/.tribot/settings"
    2) Delete the file named "_hookData.ini" or " hookData.ini"
   3) Open TRiBot and load a client manually then exit
   4) Open this program, load a configuration and launch it
   5) Wait for it to output that is has launched a client (Success doesn't matter)
   6) If clients still cease to launch, restart this program one more time and you will be good to go again


--------------------------------------------------------------Usage Documentation-----------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                  Step 1: Create a launch configuration

---------------------------------------------------------- The "Launch Configuration" -------------------------------------------------------------------

   1) Specify any and or all accounts you wish to launch automatically
      -> Each Account is separated by comma with no space in between
      -> Each Account can be optionally attached to a proxy by specifying the proxy name as it is saved in tribot
                        i.e) Specify the account you wish to use the with proxy, preceding with the proxy name (user:proxyName)
      -> Each Account specified must be saved in TRiBot's Account Manager
               a) [email protected]:Proxy1,[email protected]:Proxy2,[email protected]
               b) [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

      **NOTE** You may skip specifying accounts (#1 above) in a case where your script may be an account creator.

   2) Specify the Script's name you wish to use
                -> Specify the Script name (EXACTLY) as it appears on the TRiBot repository
      -> If the script you're running is local, use the name specified in the script's manifest
              a) AIO Woodcutter
              b) AIO Fisher
              c) Local-Agility Script
   3) (Optional) Specify the game world to load the accounts/clients on
      -> For Random F2P, use -1
                -> For Random P2P, use -2
             -> Aside from -1 and -2, world must be >= 301
              a) 301
              b) 302
              c) -1
              d) -2
        4) (Optional) Specify the break profile you wish to use.
             -> Break Profile Name must be exactly as it appears in TRiBot's break profile user interface
              a) Human_Breaks
              b) My_Break_Profile

   5) (Optional) Specify the script arguments to use with the script
             -> Script arguments allow you to use a script without filling out its GUI through script arguments
             a) Mine_One_Drop_One=true
        b) Use_Auto_Login=false

   6) (Optional) Select the proxy you wish to use for all clients being launched under this configuration
                -> Select a Proxy you have saved in TRiBot from the drop down menu provided in TheDezLab's TRiBot Manager (lite)
      -> Each client/account in this specific configuration will load under the proxy you select here
      -> All proxies must be saved in TRiBot's Proxy Manager



                                                                                     Step 2:
                                                                    Saving Your Launch Configuration

----------------------------------------------------- Saving Your Launch Configuration ----------------------------------------------------------------

   1) Click the button in the bottom right corner "Save Current Configuration"
   2) Save the file where you wish with any name as long as it ends with ".properties"
      -> Each configuration file saved and loaded must have the ".properties" extension



                                                                                     Step 3:
                                                                  Loading Your Launch Configurations

---------------------------------------------------- Loading Your Launch Configuration ----------------------------------------------------------------

   1) Click the button in the bottom right corner "Load Configuration"
   2) Select a launch configuration file you created through the above steps, ending with the extension ".properties"
   3) You may load as many configurations as you wish, each will be processed in a first in first out manner



                                                                                    Step 4:
                                                                      Launching your configurations

--------------------------------------------------- Launching Your Client Configurations --------------------------------------------------------------

   1) Click the button in the bottom left corner "Launch Clients"
   2) Watch the magic happen and wait for the clients to load

   **NOTE: You may exit TheDezLab's TRiBot Client Manager (Lite) at any time before or after the loading finishes. **
     **All clients loaded will remain open and if any were not processed before exiting the program will not be launched.**



                                                                                 That's it!
                                                                         Happy Automation!
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